1915 - Brown & Sons (Bramley), the original company was founded by Herbert Brown. He was a well respected businessman and President of Leeds Permanent Building Society, as well as staunch supporter of Liberalism in Leeds. The Company manufactured uniform cloth for Military, Police and Fire Services.


1918 - Founder, Herbert Brown became Deputy Lord Mayor of Leeds, and was re-elected in 1921.


1920's - Alfred and Stanley, Herbert's sons grew the company through sheer "Yorkshire Grit "and enterprise, despite the tough trading conditions of this era.


1930's - In Leeds the Clothing Industry developed rapidly, and the city readily embraced new technology leading to the factory organisation of garment making.

Immense clothing factories sprung up all over Leeds and surrounding areas. The number of mills weaving cloth for these giant factories grew at a similar pace. Brown & Sons (Bramley) was among these mills, establishing a good name early on.

The Yorkshire Textile Industry became characterised by its inventiveness and an ability to react to change. The nature of its many small family businesses benefitted from being able to make decisions quickly. New processes could be tried and machinery developed independently. The competition between mills was immense, but the garment making factories were big, and right on the doorstep, in Leeds and Bradford.


1954 - The company is re-named Alfred Brown (Worsted Mills) Ltd. 


1960's - 1980's - Third generation family members Alfred, David and Peter expand the company further.  New looms and a state-of-the art weaving shed put Alfred Brown in an advantageous position from which to supply the fast developing Multiple UK Retailers.


1984 - 1986 - Roger McArdle and fourth generation family members Ian and Nigel Brown join the company.


1990's - Alfred Brown (Junior) directs the company. Production is enhanced with new weaving and warping machinery. The Company increases exports in Europe and Japan. Joanne Brown joins the company.


Present Day - The company remains a family run business. With the same level of commitment to quality Alfred Brown (Worsted Mills) Ltd continues to invest and offer unparalleled service to customers today.

Alfred BrownFounder Herbert Brown & his son Alfred Brown
Alfred BrownEmpire Mills Bramley 1918
Alfred BrownWeaving in the 1950's
Alfred BrownJoanne, Alfred, Nigel & Ian Brown today